What I learned today

  • Poulet rouge is a delicious type of chicken. It’s a French heritage variety. I did not buy the whole poulet rouge chicken from Callister Farm last Saturday at the farmer’s market. I thought it was rather expensive, perhaps a silly expenditure. I bought just a piece. I am converted. We will go buy a whole chicken next time. This truly is a tasty, tasty bird.
  • Go buy poulet rouge. Unless you think fat is bad for you. The skin is sooooo good, and you’d waste it. Buy a poulet rouge for a friend who will appreciate it.
  • What else? Working on my notes for FM 5001 and will update that tomorrow or early Wednesday morning. Wrote about Buffon’s needle today. Took pictures of some needles on my floor this evening.
  • Learned about Klain and Rota’s “Introduction to Geometric Probability.” What a cool book! It’s got such a nice point of view, which I’ve never encountered before, and I feel happy that I was rediscovering for myself some of these ideas and now I find a nice exposition with such depth. I ended up looking at the book when reading about Buffon’s problem.
  • Thought just the tiniest bit about quiver varieties. There are so many algebraic varieties floating around quivers that I feel a little unclear on the terminology. Certainly it’s possible to look at one variety and see several associated quivers, depending on what structure you’re investigating. I need to sort out the web of citations here to see what I want.
  • Viruses are difficult.