Quotes by non-dead mathematicians

I was recently looking at some inspirational quotes people put up on Instagram or Pinterest — you know, some cursive writing about love or fate on a background of a beach. (I just joined Instagram so I’m trying to have fun with it.)

The Fields Institute is on Instagram and they do mathematician birthdays, putting up a quote by the mathematician and an image — that’s cool, too.

So I was thinking about mathematical quotes — maybe those would look nice and be inspirational (or funny). I looked up mathematics quotes and got all kinds of sites. On the one hand, excellent. On the other hand, one of the reasons I’m on Instagram is to be the change I want to see in the world and provide a more, mmm, 21st-century view of who does math and what math is. Euler is not that. So, where are the quotes from non-dead mathematicians? Mathematicians who weren’t European or Greek philosophers?

I appeal to you, the reader (and I’m asking other folks too!). Give me some quotes or places to find them. My first try: interviews with non-dead people, like Maria Chudnovsky.

Can you add more?