Mini mathy math with crayons!


So fresh that it’s not even off the press, the Mini Mathy Math with Crayons is a booklet that lays out some of the correspondences between domino tilings of Aztec diamonds, fully packed loops, and totally symmetric self-complementary plane partitions. Alternating sign matrices are the matrices that unite them all!

Still no equations, but if you like Sudoku, you’ll enjoy figuring out the correspondences between the patterns and the numbers. And it’s mini! Buy enough for a math circle or a classroom!



The Mini Mathy Math with Crayons booklet is a half-page format booklet that concentrates on only three types of patterns from the Math with Crayons coloring book. Mini Mathy Math with Crayons introduces alternating sign matrices, matrices filled with zeroes, ones, and negative ones, and relates them to fully packed loops, totally symmetric self-complementary plane partitions, and domino tilings of Aztec diamonds.

None of those words make sense, you say? That’s why you need this booklet 🙂 All the coloring with double the mathy fun!

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